A post from Laura – Why she loves recruitment!


Last week, I sat down with a candidate who was looking to go back to work after having a break. She came in, we sat, and listed a few different ideas of roles that we had available.

After talking for a little while, going through her through CV and experience, I realised she had never actually worked for someone before.
I mentioned this, “why would you want to work for someone else when you never have? All you’ve done is work for yourself, why give that up?”

She agreed. From that point on, we discussed her options and came together to create the beginning of a business plan. She left the office, beaming from ear to ear, excited with the plan we created and raring to get started!

Not even a week later and she has a name for her business, a meeting with a business advisor from the team here at North East BIC and is currently working on her website and brand! I can’t wait to see her journey moving forward.

This is why I’m in recruitment. The fact that I won’t earn a fee for placing her is irrelevant.

The smile on her face, and the glow resonating from her after our meeting. It’s an unbeatable feeling, knowing you’ve just improved someone’s life, just by listening and understanding that person and their circumstances. It’s incredible.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their job search or unsure of the next step to take, please get in touch with me – I would love to offer a helping hand!

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