our 3rd birthday

Our 3rd Birthday!


Our 3rd Birthday!

Well, how has it been 3 years of Gillespie Recruitment already?!

It’s mind blowing how far we have come since the beginning. From starting in an office where you couldn’t swing a cat, to the beautiful one we are currently in now with a gorgeous view of the river.

From starting with one, to now having a wonderful hard-working team of five. It’s crazy how quick the time has gone, but it also feels like a lifetime.

When we began, Laura never thought she would be busy in her first year, until the enquiries started pouring in from friends, previous clients, and new clients from recommendations. She was stowed off!

She then began building her GR team. It took a while, but now, she has a strong, focussed team with the same values as her; to change people’s lives.

To this day, all we’ve had is just good, old-fashioned word of mouth recommendations. From the many clients, who have stayed with us from day one, and candidates who we helped find their dream role.

Birthdays, Charity Balls, Christmas parties, we’ve been to a few together. And many more to come!

We want to take this special opportunity, on our 3rd birthday, to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us, and the continued support you give us. Without it, there wouldn’t be a Gillespie Recruitment.

Thank you to the NE BIC, for supporting us and our growth from the very beginning and continuing to do so. Thank you to our wonderful clients, old and new, who entrust us with their vacancies and want our help in their recruitment needs.

To the variety of candidates who have used our services, thank you for letting us support your job search and guide you into your dream job.
And to everyone else who has been involved in our development and growth, past and present, thank you!

Here’s to many more years of Gillespie Recruitment!

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