Could Tiktok be the next BIG Thing in Recruitment?


TikTok is the fastest growing social media in the world right now. It began as a place to post dancing or funny videos – lip syncing and all that!

But over the past few years it has grew to be a lot more than just that. People (especially Gen Z) are using TikTok as a search engine for any questions they need answering that minute.

Video content is the most popular type of content online at the minute, people love it. No more scrolling endlessly to find what you’re looking for just a quick search and you’ve probably found a 10 second video to answer it – what more could you want, right?

Well, what if you could use TikTok for your recruitment needs?

Rather than, again, endlessly scrolling through job boards, candidates could search for which ever role they are interested in and there – right in their face – is a 10 second video advertising a role that could potentially fit what they are looking for.


I definitely think companies are under estimating the power of search on TikTok and quite frankly how many users they have in your area.

TikTok currently has over 1 billion monthly active users and it’s still growing! So, what better place to advertise than there?

Tips on how to create recruitment videos for TikTok are linked here:

Source: Resources for Employers

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